Some Part Of My Life !!!!!

Some years ago--never mind how long precisely, nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world.People tend to say some peculiar things when they describe themselves or their lives; some try too hard, some make fools out of themselves. I will try my best not to make the same mistakes.

I have been told that I will be a rich person but not an Engineer. But my Papa wanted me to become a Computer Engineer. And So here I am for my Papa and Mama though my Mama wanted me to become a doctor, and she always used to laugh and tell "how you will do the operation or even inject an injection when you can not even kill an ant ?".Foremost, I would consider myself a very modest person.
My goal of life is to try experience all the wildest things in life (defining "wild" is up to you) and never look back or regret about anything.Being down to earth I love everyone i am connected with.

My Interest:

  • Blogging : I like blogging.My blogging site is
  • Browsing
  • Books : I love reading and collecting books from these categories : Autobiography , Self motivation.
  • Games: Badminton , Cricket ,Volleyball ,Carom
  • TV shows : AXN[fear factor , street magician , 20 sec of fame] .POGO[Mr Beans,Just for Laughs Gags].National Geographic[almost everything on this channel] .Any Laughter show.
  • Movies : Romantic love stories.

Technical Interests:

My technical interests contain a wide subset of computer engineering, mainly in Telecommunication. Worked as core C++ developper for Lucent.There I was working for developping Main Memory Databases.Then the other one the open source software for Database which we are planning to give for our community. That is out now. Your suggestions are most welcome. You can have a look at

My academic:

I have completed my Engineering in 2004 in Information Science & Engineering from Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology , Bangalore.Got a campus placement in Mascon.Worked for Lucent through Mascon.And now working for Roamware.

Some brief about my academic :

Ranked 1st in First STD
Ranked 1st in Second STD
Ranked 4th in Third STD
Ranked 1st in Fourth STD
Ranked 1st in Fifth STD
Ranked 1st in Sixth STD
Ranked 1st in Seventh STD
Ranked 1st in Eighth STD
Ranked 1st in Ninth STD
Ranked 1st in Tenth STD
Ranked 1st in Twelfth STD

Got 80% with FCD in Engineering.

My Believes:

"God answers Prayers in three ways...HE says YES & GIVES u what u want.HE says NO & GIVES u something BETTER.HE says WAIT & GIVES u the BEST in HIS own time...."

If you love something, set it free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were yours.

Finally,I do not compete with others ,I compete with myself.